10 bite 🍑 sized fintech profiles in one

Australian fintech news and information

Since August, Sub11 has profiled over 60 Aus and NZ fintechs in various ways via written/audio or long form articles.

I have selected 10 of these companies with some recent milestones on each.

WeMoney : WeMoney is one of Australia's fastest growing financial wellness platforms, helping Australians pay down debt faster. Milestone: 275k+ app downloads and raised a $7m round

Karta Gift Cards: Karta is a gift card platform which aims to simplify the gift card experience by making it more accessible for merchants and consumers. Milestone: Karta launched their new platform called 'Karta Cards'. This industry first will enable every business everywhere to issue & process Gift Cards

Super-Rewards: Super-Rewards is an online shopping site where each time you shop, your purchase earns you cash rewards into your Super-Rewards account. Milestone: The company recently launched Super-Rewards instore. 

Raiz Invest : Investing spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio. Recent Milestone:  Surpassing $1bn in FUM

Shaype : Access an ecosystem of powerful financial services providing a range of embedded solutions. Recent Milestone: Helped launch Kit/CBA to beta in 5 months. They also raised $33m in series C , announced last week.

InDebted : Digital collections to help resolve debt with ease. Recent Milestone: Raised $22.5m at $200m valuation

Paypa Plane : They are working to revolutionise the payments landscape for banks and businesses across the globe. Recent Milestone: NPPA Connected Institution, onboarding Commonwealth Bank as a shareholder and client.

Zerocap : Zerocap is a market-leading private wealth management firm for digital assets. Recent Milestone: They recently partnered with the ASX to pilot a blockchain-based settlement scheme for the exchange, the first of its kind for in the country.

Cake : Cake allows you to issue shares, manage your cap table, and solve equity needs. Recent Milestone: Launched their Global Teams product.

Slyp : Slyp smart receipts enables customers to pay with their bank card and automatically receive an itemised tax receipt inside their banking app.Recent Milestone : Earlier this year they raised a $25M Series A round.