Weekly update 26/11/2023

Fintech weekly news

Birchal: Record-Breaking Quarter with 25 Campaign Launches

Birchal, a renowned crowdfunding platform, has announced its busiest quarter to date, launching an impressive 25 campaigns. This milestone reflects the growing interest in crowdfunding as a viable funding option for startups and established businesses alike. Birchal's success in this quarter demonstrates its significant role in the fintech ecosystem, providing a critical bridge between innovative companies and potential investors.

SuperAPI Secures $1M Funding to Accelerate Growth

Melbourne-based fintech firm SuperAPI has successfully raised $1 million to accelerate its growth. This funding is a testament to the company's potential in the fintech sector and its commitment to expanding its services. SuperAPI's focus on leveraging technology to improve financial processes positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape of financial technology.

Karta Gift Cards Partners with BIG W for Nationwide Distribution

In a strategic move to expand its market reach, Karta Gift Cards, featuring the SafeToBuy system, has announced its nationwide retail distribution at BIG W, just in time for the Christmas season. This partnership marks a significant step for Karta in making its products more accessible to a broader audience, enhancing the consumer experience with secure and convenient gift card options.

FinTech Australia Welcomes New Board Members

FinTech Australia, a leading advocate for the Australian fintech sector, has announced the appointment of new board members at their Annual General Meeting. The newly inducted members include Vinnie D'Alessandro, Brian Collins, Sarah Gorman, and Kellie Morton. These appointments reflect the organization's commitment to diverse and dynamic leadership, poised to steer the fintech community towards future growth and innovation.

Envestnet | Yodlee and TaxLeopard: A Partnership for Open Banking and Accounting Convergence

Envestnet | Yodlee Australia has entered into a strategic partnership with TaxLeopard, aiming to converge open banking with accounting solutions. This collaboration signifies a major step in integrating financial data with tax and accounting services, offering enhanced efficiency and accuracy for users and businesses in managing their financial affairs.

Furthr Offers Canva Team Premium Account Access

Furthr, a fintech company known for its innovative financial solutions, has announced that it is providing full access to its premium account services to the team at Canva. This move demonstrates Furthr's commitment to supporting businesses and their employees with advanced financial tools and resources, fostering a more empowered and financially savvy workforce.

Subi's Innovative Solution: Turning Annual Leave into Instant Cash

Subi has introduced a groundbreaking product that allows employees to convert their annual leave into cash almost instantly. This service aims to alleviate the cash flow stress associated with annual leave payments for businesses by spreading the cost into four fortnightly payments. Subi's solution represents a novel approach in financial management, offering both employees and employers greater flexibility and liquidity.

FinTech QLD's Christmas Party: A Festive Gathering of the Brisbane Fintech Community

The FinTech QLD Christmas Party, held in Brisbane, was a resounding success, bringing together the local fintech community for an evening of networking and celebration. This event provided a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to connect, share insights, and foster relationships within the vibrant fintech ecosystem of Brisbane.