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2Be’s lending decisions are based on your assets and credit history—not your income or job status.

This means you can help your children or grandchildren get a foot on the housing ladder now, without having to sell your home or any of your hard-earned assets to free up cash.

Year founded:

2021, first product launched May 2022


Founders: Brian Hartzer and Jenny Fagg (CEO)


Sydney NSW (with office in Melbourne)

Size of Team:




Ideal customer:

Affluent baby boomers aged 55-75 years who have built up significant equity in their home and are looking to release some of that equity now.  They may not be ready to downsize but want access to cash for home renovations, lifestyle assets, medical care or aged care, as examples. A particular focus of 2Be is helping parents who want to help their adult children with a deposit for their first home; the “Bank of Mum and Dad” is now the country’s 9th biggest lender.

Why would someone work for your company?

As a start-up with a small team, it’s a fast paced and rewarding environment. The collective experience of the 2Be team is substantial (including two former CEOs of large banks) and anyone joining the team has a great opportunity to learn. It is a purpose-led business, creating a new category of finance for an under-served, more mature market segment. This translates to a great culture where people value and respect each other.

Current Investors:

Mainly high net worth individuals.

Recent Milestone:

We launched our flagship product 2Be Equity Advantage in May 2022, a 5-year fixed term home equity loan, and in September added a variable interest rate option. What are we most proud of—our process is fast and easy and we have, in fact, settled a loan on the same day. 

Why the name?

“2Be or not 2Be”—the name came from the desire to focus on a significantly under-served segment of the market, pre-retirees and retirees who had worked hard to build up wealth over their lifetime, including paying off the mortgage on their home. Now, they are ready to ‘seize the day’ and live life as they choose. 2Be has created a new type of home equity loan to unlock some of that equity.

Why did the business start?

Our founders could see a significant gap in the market as a result of the convergence of a number of forces:

-       An aging asset rich population are at the ‘prime of life’ but largely locked out of traditional bank loans due to their inability to meet strict income serviceability criteria

-       Decades of housing market appreciation mean that many parents have significant equity but first home buyers have been priced out of the market; 60% of first home buyers get help with a deposit

-       Rapid advances in digital fintech have made it possible to deliver a fast and seamless customer experience at low cost.