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Year founded : 2021
Founder/CEO: David Salkinder and Ethan Singer
Location: Australia
Size of Team: 6 

Who is your ideal customer: ANY business with predictable revenue, who needs runway extension or bridge funding. 

Why would someone work for your company: We are a fun, passionate, high-energy team with a strong sense of purpose and love what we do! 

Current Investors: EG Funds (strategic institutional investor), Matt Leibowitz (co-founder of Stake and prominent angel investor)

Recent Milestone: Recently completed our second equity raise and institutional funding line of $16m

Why the name: We really wanted our name to clearly explain what we do. We chose the penguin logo as penguins are the fastest underwater bird, and we pride ourselves on our speed. Another little known fact, penguins partner up for life just as we hope to partner with our clients throughout their growth journey. 

Why did the business start? To empower businesses to achieve more and offer capital where we believe business owners are not being serviced by the market