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Adatree helps organisations unleash the potential of Open Banking and the CDR through turnkey Data Recipient and Data Holder solutions.

Why did you start the business? :  A perfect storm of new CDR legislation, really challenging technical standards akin to building a bank (which Shane and I did twice together), huge personal passion and vision to see how all Australian consumers and businesses could benefit from the CDR, and a totally greenfield market with no solution available. Not for the 'glory' of being an entrepreneur ;)  

Year founded : 2019
Founders/CEO: Jill Berry, Co-Founder & CEO. Shane Doolan, Co-Founder & CTO
Location:  Sydney
Size of Team: 13

Current Investors: HNW Investors, Flying Fox. More to be announced soon! 

Recent Milestone 🎉: Launched world's first Open Data marketplace to leverage CDR data