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Aider exists to help accountants and bookkeepers connect directly with their clients so that they can help business owners make data-driven decisions about cash.

Year founded : 2018
CEO: Brendan Roberts
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Size of Team: 17

Who is your ideal customer: Accountants & Bookkeepers

Why would someone work for your company: Aider is a modern, forward-thinking start-up company who is committed to taking care of our employees. At Aider, we have a “work where you want” approach – our team can choose to work from the office or from home. We are a family of innovative and creative people, each of which play an integral role in the development and success of our product. We welcome diversity and we encourage creativity – there is no such thing as a silly question. We have a flat company structure where everyone has a voice – we work as a cross-functional team. At Aider, we take care of each other and we take the time to breathe and balance our thinking. Each month our entire team has a day off to relax and spend time with their friends and families.

Current Investors: 1835i, Quidnet Ventures, NetX, AIM

Recent Milestone: At the start of 2022 Aider released their new Advisory Intelligence Platform.

Why the name: We chose the name Aider as ‘Aider’ means to help or aid; and this reflects our mission to help accountants, bookkeepers, and their SMB clients.

Why did the business start?  The idea of Aider was born in 2018, with a vision to use cutting-edge technology to help small businesses (SMBs) with their day-to-day finances and operations. This started with Aider’s first software product, released in 2019; a digital assistant Mobile App that optimised artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology for SMBs. This vision has since grown to help accountants and bookkeepers optimise AI in order to provide more proactive advisory – with the release of Aider’s brand new Advisory Intelligence Platform, released earlier this year in 2022..