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Airwallex allows you to make fast, transparent and cost-effective international payments in multiple currencies.

Year founded: 2015
Founder/CEO: Jack Zhang
Location: Airwallex operates globally in the cloud. Both our leadership and functional teams are globally-distributed, and therefore, led by senior executives across multiple key offices including Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, San Francisco and Shanghai.
Size of Team: Globally, we have over 1,200 staff across 19 major locations in 11 territories.


Who is your ideal customer: Airwallex’s ideal customer is a digital-first business of any size, looking to scale internationally, and take advantage of the global economy.

Why would someone work for your company: Exponential growth. People choose to join Airwallex to grow their experience and truly make impact in a global organisation. Also, the opportunity to join an organisation with an important purpose; to connect entrepreneurs, business builders, makers and creators with opportunities in every corner of the world.

Current Investors: Our current investors include Greenoaks, Square Peg, Salesforce Ventures, Sequoia Capital China, Lone Pine Capital, Hermitage Capital, 1835i Ventures, HostPlus, Grok Ventures, and Skip Capital

Recent Milestone: This week, Airwallex announced it has raised an additional US$100 million in a Series E2 financing round with the same US$5.5 billion valuation. To date the company has raised US$902 million.

Why did the business start?: Airwallex’s products and platform were inspired by real-life experiences. Two of our founders, Jack Zhang and Max Li, understood the pain points facing small businesses, after being charged high FX fees when importing supplies for their cafe in Melbourne. They teamed up with friends from the University of Melbourne, Lucy Liu and Xijing Dai, and used their collective backgrounds in technology and finance to develop a new solution, aimed at meeting the business challenges they themselves were facing.


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Jack Zhang - Airwallex