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Amaka is a professional software for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners with the need to automate their data entry.

  • Founder/CEO: Pedram Afshar (CEO), Martin Chee (CFO), Pouyan Afshar (Director)

  • Location: Sydney (HQ) with offices in the US, Poland, Philippines.

  • Size of Team: 35

  • Website:

    Who is your ideal customer: Small business owners, accounting and bookkeeping professionals (over 40,000 active at the moment)!

    Why would someone work for your company: Great culture, great purpose and mission!

    Current Investors: Upswell Ventures and Jelix Ventures (I know there's more but I didn't want to overshare - only included what was in our raise PR)

    Recent Milestone: (officially endorsed provider of MYOB's suite of e-commerce integrations)

    Why the name ?: In Italian, Amaca means hammock - a mechanism that links two points. So it's essentially the metaphor for our integration offering in having an integration and automation offering that allows two systems to speak to each other through APIs.

    Why did the business start ? To solve the inefficiencies of data entry, bank reconciliation and other manual processes experienced by small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. With over 15 years of experience as a CPA (Martin), he identified the need for an app that could solve these issues through an affordable, flexible yet deep solution.