ASX listed Raiz Invest has updated the market for Q4

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Raiz in black letter with a white background next to colourful company swirl

Revenue $4.3m 💰

ARR $14.7m 🎯

Global Active Customers 652,702 ⌨️

Total Australian FUM $940m 📊

Raiz Managing Director/Group CEO George Lucas said: “We continued to implement our strategy of growth in a measured way in the June 2022 quarter. This approach has Raiz well placed to leverage off the inevitable bounce in market sentiment once investor confidence improves. Considering the uncertainties buffeting financial markets, we are pleased our active global customer base grew in the latest quarter."

Group CEO Brendan Malone said: “The team continue to focus on what we do best, customer service. It is their feedback that underpins our new products and features, allowing us to grow our customer base. Although some new features are minor and go unnoticed by most customers, they improve the UX for many. We expect to be delivering Raiz Property Fund, a REIT of residential properties, in the September quarter. We are focusing on our cost structure across our operating entities to ensure we continue to move towards profitability in a controlled and measured manner."