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Authsignal provides a seamless developer experience, and simple fraud operations mastery for ops teams.

Segment: Secure Tech for Fintech.

Year founded: 2021
Founder/CEO: Justin Soong
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Size of Team:  We’re a rapidly growing team

Who is your ideal customer: Authsignal’s value can be deployed across a range of customer types. Our current customers are focused on delivering a best-in-class experience in the Fintech space with B2C business personal finance and investment apps, payments businesses and Crypto exchanges. Both startup and established tech businesses are leveraging Authsignal’s technology.

Why would someone work for your company: This space is super exciting. Almost every consumer-facing business is digitising its customer experience today. With the rapid rise in adoption of e-commerce, personal savings and investment apps, we meet and work with some of the best and most exciting industry leaders to help them secure their customer experience. We are solving bleeding edge problems that arise because of the proliferation of frictionless experiences and faster payments. Although great for the consumer, these new ways of transacting open new opportunities for fraudsters and cyber criminals to exploit.

Current Investors:? A mix of angel investors and funds, like Cameron Priest (ex TradeGecko founder), Ex-Afterpay/Block execs, Dovetail Capital, Blackbird

Recent Milestone: The seed round closed in July.

Why the name:? Well, mitigating risk is all about collecting as many signals as possible and understanding what’s noise and what’s going to make a meaningful impact on your fraud risk and, importantly customer experience and conversion. Authsignal is encapsulates the essence of our product which is to empower businesses to make smart data-driven decisions in how they “Authorize/Authenticate” through their digital platforms.

Why did the business start? : I’ve been in FinTech for the last 15 years, and what was evident during my tenure was that behind every FinTech is the requirement to manage risk. Modern FinTechs need to become experts at balancing their customer experiences and their risks. There were three major themes that I found over and over again. It was hard to observe risks in real-time, there was a dependency on engineering teams to develop controls, and lastly, the user experience typically sucked. Authsignal was born because I had to continuously build these systems from company to company, and I finally decided to build a product I wished I had in every one of my previous roles.