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Matt Vitale from Birchal

Company Description:

Birchal is an equity crowdfunding platform.

Since 2018, they have helped over 130 companies raise over $100m from their most passionate customers and fans online (over $53m of this in 2021 alone).

Year founded : 2018
Founder/CEO: Matt Vitale and Alan Crabbe
Location:  Melbourne
Size of Team: 20

Why did you start the business? : To simplify capital raising for forward thinking businesses, and make early stage businesses an investable asset class for all!

Current Investors: Over 600 investors, predominantly CSF investors. Dom Pym (also an investor in Sub11) was also an early investor and Birchal believer.

Recent Milestone: Completed a $3m CSF offer on our own platform, in just over an hour, from approximately 600 investors.