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Year founded: November 2021
Founder/CEO: Charlie Karaboga, CEO & Co-Founder and Jordan Momtazi, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder 
Location: Sydney, Australia
Size of Team: 32+ 

Who is your ideal customer: Block Earner’s key customer segments are retail and institutional investors with an intentional focus on unlocking the benefits of blockchain-based finance for the masses. 

Why would someone work for your company: The opportunity to work with a world-class team at well funded VC-backed startup that is dedicated to building the next generation of finance on blockchain rails.

Current Investors: Framework Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, and Sequoia Capital 

Recent Milestone: Block Earner recently launched its yield-earning corporate treasuries solution that shakes up the idea of traditional corporate treasury management — offering businesses a fixed annual yield of 7% on USD digital assets and a fixed annual yield of 4% on gold digital assets — considerably more competitive yield options than what is currently being offered by traditional operators.

Why the name?: The name ‘Block Earner’ was born out of the idea of supercharging wealth generation through blockchain technology. 

Why did the business start?: While the internet has reshaped most key industries over the last two decades, traditional finance has largely remained unchanged. Siloed by regions and local jurisdictions, society at large has failed to create an inclusive, global financial ecosystem. Digital currencies and blockchain-based financial applications offer an opportunity to change this. Block Earner is on a mission to make money borderless, frictionless and accessible to all through the convergence of traditional and decentralised finance (DeFi).