Brisbane based education payments provider Cohort Go have been acquired by Nasdaq listed Flywire πŸ”—

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Commenting on a Linkedin Post, Co-founder Mark Fletcher said :

"During the last 10 years I lost a co-founder, but made the best decision of the journey to bring on Paul Jones as a cofounder. We started with no customers, no money, no code, but with a view that we could help international students save money."

"Over the years, there are so many people to thank, but a few special callouts to Paul Jones, Andrew Fuller for helping navigate over the years. And to Allectus Capital, Jason Cheong, Duncan Saville, Michael Walters, Julian Sallabank, Steve Baxter and Peter Plowman for amazing support and unquestionable backing along the way. Thanks also to Mike Massaro, Rob Orgel, Sharon Butler, Uday Seth and the whole Flywire team for believing in us and making us feel welcome."

  • In a statement obtained by Sub11 via a NASDAQ Press Release - Flywire CEO made the following comment:

"Recruiting agencies play a critical role in the international student journey by assisting students in finding placements in higher educational and other institutions,” said Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire. β€œCohort Go has been prominent in this space, with a network of over 1,000 agent partnerships, including some of the most prestigious student recruitment agencies in the world.”