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The word Cake written in plain

Cake aims for you to avoid painful admin, issue your shares easily and unlock your company equity.

Year founded : 2018
Founders: Kim Hansen and Jason Atkins
Location: Gold Coast Australia and remote teams
Size of Team: 28

Who is your ideal customer: Startup founders in the pre-seed to Series A that needs help with their equity

Why would someone work for your company: Because we have an incredible culture, there is an incredible opportunity for personal growth, we have an incredible upside opportunity and our mission is to help the most awesome people on the planet who are building a better future for all of us.

Current Investors: Rampersand, Launch (Jason Calacanis), Startmate + 100+ private investors and syndicates

Recent Milestone: Launching our Global Teams product

Why the name: Because Cake is shared with your community, like your equity should be! And its fun 😀 Equity should be a piece of Cake to use

Why did the business start?  Because we love to help startup teams and there is such a need for making all the challenges with equity go away, so all the startup teams can focus on building better products and grow their businesses.