CBA launches "Fuel Finder"

CommBank app to help customers with rising fuel prices

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In an Australian banking first, CBA pilots a new feature in the CommBank app that reminds customers before they are due to fill up, to help them save on fuel.

Commonwealth Bank has today unveiled Fuel finder – a new feature being piloted in the CommBank app in NSW – to help Australians manage the rising cost of fuel, a key living expense for many Australians.

Now available to 250,000 New South Wales residents, Fuel finder learns from a customer’s fuel spending patterns to predict when they may next need to refuel, and then remind them ahead of time about the cheapest option nearby. The new in-app experience also allows customers to access a fuel price map, to browse various fuel prices in the surrounding area.

CBA General Manager Shopping, Rochelle Eldridge, said:

“The current rising cost of living is putting pressure on many households, with many people looking for ways to save. Australians are increasingly turning to fuel price apps to locate the cheapest petrol and these apps often require consumers to take the initiative to search for cheap fuel when they are looking to fill up.

“Fuel finder is different because it’s personalised to each customer and does all the work for them. The CommBank app is able to let them know where they can buy the cheapest fuel nearby, at a time when they may next be due to fill up. We saw a great response from customers who tested fuel alerts in an initial pilot, confirming the demand for this type of solution.”