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COGSflow provides growth solutions and insights to inventory businesses.

Year founded : 2020
CEO: David Carbines
Location:  Melbourne , Australia
Size of Team: 6 (added two this week!)

Who is your ideal customer ?: A growing eCommerce company with a proven product and unit economics, looking for a growth partner as they ramp up. 

Why would someone work for your company? Help realise entrepreneurial ambition, and join a superstar growing team!

Current Investors: Watch this space!

Recent Milestone: We've enabled $3m final revenue for our customers

Why the name: Cost Of Goods Sold + Cashflow = cogsflow

Why did the business start ? : We saw loads of small business struggling with inventory - how to fund, what to purchase and thought there has to be a better way. Alongside the global pandemic and the shift online, we saw a trend for structured data availability collide with a new attitude for risk-taking and risk-sharing.