Fintech Australia Webinar

Embarking on an adventure

In the FinTech journey, a founder's success isn't solely their own but often lies in the reliability of external partners. Daniel Cannizzaro experienced this firsthand when his business, Parpera, faced unforeseen challenges.

Join us as Daniel, alongside Arvind Swami from Red Hat and moderated by Ben Ford of Tiimely, delve deep into these lessons learned. Understand the importance of selecting technology partners that prioritize both security and innovation. It's a session brimming with crucial insights and actionable strategies for anyone in the FinTech space to be set up for success 🙌

🗓 29 November 2023, 11 AM AEDT

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"No one thinks failure will happen to them but the reality is that your success (or lack thereof) as a founder is often in the hands of others: vendors, suppliers, technology partners and digital platforms. If they fail – and you’ve built your future on their stack – then so do you.

That’s exactly what happened to Daniel Cannizarro and his small-business banking app Parpera, literally days before launch. If the cheapest way to learn is from other people’s misfortunes then you won’t get better ROI than spending an hour with Daniel along with Arvind Swami, Head of Financial Services of Red Hat, and Ben Ford, Head of Enterprise Sales of Tiimely.

Get the real story – as well as life-saving lessons for your business.

In a frank and open discussion, Dan and Arvind will share stories that illustrate the importance of adopting the right technology to deliver reliability and security. You’ll learn how a supportive technology partner can be your secret weapon for innovation, as well as the strategies to follow when choosing your foundational technologies for your FinTech ambitions.