Discover how trusted AI can transform your customer experiences.

Wednesday, 28 February ICC Sydney and on Salesforce+

Cute tiny little robots are working in a futuristic soap factory

  1. The future of business and AI innovations will be showcased in Sydney, both at ICC Sydney and on Salesforce+.

  2. The event will highlight the integration of CRM, AI, Data, and Trust to transform industries.

  3. Salesforce's latest Data Cloud and Einstein innovations aim to unlock AI potential, automating processes 27% faster.

  4. Sessions will feature customer Trailblazers, AI visionaries, and thought leaders to explore AI applications across various industries.

  5. The event promises solutions for enhancing productivity across marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and data teams through trusted AI and Customer 360.

  6. The Main Keynote will feature Salesforce leaders and the inspiring story of Trailblazer AFL, focusing on CRM, AI, Data, and Trust.

  7. The event is designed for both new and existing Salesforce customers, highlighting customer success stories and the CRM platform's capabilities.

  8. Attendees can engage in hands-on experiences, have fun, and discover ways to give back in the Campground area.

  9. The agenda includes badge pickup, sessions, product demos, workshops, a main keynote, lunch, and networking opportunities.

  10. For those unable to attend in person, the World Tour Sydney event will be streamed on Salesforce+.