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Seamlessly Integrate Hospitality Apps - Simplify The Management Of Your Business. Easily Manage Menus, Payments, Staff, Orders and Delivery

Year founded : 2017
Founder/CEO:  CEO Justin O'Donnell. Founder Sean O’Meara
Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane
Size of Team: 50

Who is your ideal customer:

Demo: 25-44 

Geo: Australia wide but predominantly in NSW & VIC.

Doshii primarily targets customers in the hospitality sector such as restaurants, bars, and quick service restaurants

  • Merchants and small business owners (predominantly in hospitality) who want to grow but simplify digital aspects of their business.

  • App and POS system developers who want to expand and reach more venues

  • The market, consumers who might consider Doshii as a ‘bucket list’ place to work, or even to think of it as a successful Australian business.


Why would someone work for your company:

  • We’re a passionate group of hospo-enthusiasts based across Australia and coming from a range of backgrounds, from finance and technology to - you guessed it - hospitality!

  • We’re also part of x15ventures and the wider Commonwealth Bank Group, giving us access to an immense network of skills, experience and opportunities, along with a range of employee benefits

  • Our back-of-house is designed to ensure we can keep our venues, partners and team running, no matter where we work from.

  • Our values:

    • Venue-centric: We’re obsessed with helping venues simplify their operations.

    • Plan ahead: We’re never just working on the latest order - we’re planning ahead for the venue of tomorrow.

    • Deliver quickly: We focus on getting the right things served up fast.

    • Take ownership: We’re chefs of our own stations - we each take responsibility for our part in delivering a great overall service

Recent Milestones:

Doshii's growth throughout the pandemic has surpassed our expectations. After being acquired in late 2020 by CommBank's, x15ventures, Doshii quickly moved from start-up to scale-up with all the accompanying growth that entails. 

Within the past 18 months, Doshii has expanded its Point-Of-Sale partnerships to cover almost 80% of the addressable Australian market (up 25%). In that same period, app partnerships grew 30%, making us the largest integrator for Australian in-venue and business management hospitality apps, boosting our customer base by over 90%. This venture growth has seen Doshii facilitate over $100 million in orders in FY22 – more than double the amount we were able to facilitate in FY21. 

We also helped venues save $20.8 million in lost wages from order re-entry – especially pertinent in the difficult post-pandemic period, which saw many venues forced to tighten their belts and get as much as possible out of every transaction to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We helped venues eliminate roughly $4.8 million in ordering errors – a substantial amount they can now put towards boosting their bottom lines. FY22 also saw Doshii assist in rolling out Commonwealth Bank's terminal-led integration initiative, Smart Hospitality, a market-leading pay at table solution for hospitality venues across Australia.

Doshii now hosts Australia's largest range of hospitality apps across its marketplace, with 35 app partners, with 26 coming live shortly,  and 13 fully-onboarded POS partners. These combined factors have led to a 502% increase in revenue in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, over the past three years, our customer growth has shot up from 35% in FY19 to 80% in FY21 and 90% in FY22. 

In January 2021, Doshii had a team of five. In July 2021, Doshii had grown to a team of 18 people. Now, just over a year later, we are a thriving group of almost 60 – and counting! Many of our team members come from hospitality backgrounds and bring their passion and expertise to the table daily to serve our partners and customers and ensure daily life is easier for the hardworking venue owners and workers in the industry we love.

Why did the business start ? :Doshii was initially founded by Sean O’Meara when working through yet another integration between his previous POS company, Impos, and a third-party app looking to embed their payment services into POS. It was recognised that this work had been done many times before and the duplication of effort was extremely costly for a small POS development team. After recognising the need for a centralised, de-coupled integration platform to manage the multitude of app integrations, a collaboration with one of their POS competitors brought about the existence and viability of what we know of Doshii today.

 Current Investors: x15ventures/CBA