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Douugh: Company Profile for Sub11

Year founded: 2017

Founder/CEO: Andy Taylor

Location: Sydney, NSW

Size of Team: 27

Who is your ideal customer: Every day, tech-savvy gen-z and millennials. We are building a lifestyle brand that seeks to empower customers to live financially healthier lives.

Why would someone work for your company: A great opportunity to start or grow their career by being involved in a collaborative team environment and helping shape a rapidly growing company. You'll get the opportunity to work alongside highly knowledgeable people that you may not otherwise get the chance to in a big organisation

Current Investors: Current major investors are Humm and Monex Group

Recent Milestone: Listed 2 years on the ASX

Why the name: Douugh is slang for money and the double U represents that it's all about you.

Why did the business start?: CEO and founder Andy Taylor saw that there was an opportunity for one-stop “super app” comprising multiple financial services, such as financial planning, savings, investing, budgeting etc