Emergence Conference by Wholesale Investor

Feb 28 and 29 in Sydney

Allie and Jacob attended KinnektorCon to create new connections within the Fox Valley and spread the word about Startup Wisconsin Week and how the community can get involved.

From Steve Torso on Linkedin

On Feb 28 and 29 at the Sydney Hilton Hotel, we will be hosting our Annual Emergence. This is our flagship event of the year, where we bring together the Investment, Innovation and Private Markets ecosystem for 2 days of Panels, Keynotes, Presentations and Networking.

Each year, we do our best to let the key elements of the ecosystem have their own voice, including their investment themes for 2024, potential headwinds, and personal investment insights.

Emergence 2024 topics include:

1. Venture Capital Investment Trends
2. Family Office Investing - Private Markets, Impact, Direct Investment and More
3. Small Cap Investment Thematics for 2024
4. Digital Asset Investment Trends
5. Property, Funds and Credit Investment Trends

Thank you to all the Panelists and Speakers featured at the Conference.

We have an incredible lineup across Venture Capital, Digital Assets, Family Office, Property and Small Cap investment, including:

Greg Paramor AO - Chairman, Leftfield Capital Partners
Llew Jury - Executive Chairman, Sprint Ventures
Daniel Neilson - General Manager - Growth Capital, Marshall Investments
Raaj Rayat, CFA Rayat, Investment Manager, Airtree
Casey Flint, Senior Associate, SquarePeg
Karen Chan, Portfolio Manager Perennial
Stephen Greenwood, CEO, Valloop Holdings Ltd
Mark Peart - CEO & Founder, DIT AgTech
Chris Titley - Director, Sub11
Jessy Wu - Partner, AfterWork Ventures
Damian Beasley - Investment Manager, Beasley Group
Brent S. Ogilvie - Managing Director, Pacific Channel
Alex Retzlaff - Managing Partner, Unify Ventures
Roger Allan - Chairman, Patagorang Investment Group
Luke Lombe- Founding Partner, Faculty Group
Marc Woodward - Investment Partner, Apollo Crypto
Paul Rayson - CEO, Hearts and Minds Investments Ltd
Jun Bei Liu - Lead Portfolio Manager, Tribeca Investment Partners
Vihari Ross - Portfolio Manager, Antipodes
Robert Gregory - Portfolio Manager, Glenmore Asset Management
Vanessa Hayes - VP, Portfolio Manager and Trader, Currency Management, State Street
Joseph Mocanu - Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund
Glenn Butcher - CEO / Managing Director, Fund WA
Lisa Wade (she/her) - CEO, DigitalX
Adrian P. - CEO, Independent Reserve
Leeor Groen- Managing Director, Spartan Group
Kate Galpin - Manager - Listings, ASX
Henrik Andersson, CFA Andersson - Co-founder and CIO, Apollo Crypto Management
Sam Riley - CEO, Ansarada
Mark Dando - CEO and Founder, ProxyTwin
@Ben Greentree - Managing Director, Civil Construction Solutions

To join us at the Conference - see link below: