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Zero waste glass jar

Company Description:

Combining banking, investment & insurance to deliver you ExtrasJar, where your money remains yours for your benefit around the clock. â°

Why did you start the business? : We have been in the insurance industry for a long time and wanted to give customer want they want, more control, more flexibility and fairer products.

Year founded : 2019
Founders/CEO: John Connor and Reece Frazier
Location:  Brisbane
Size of Team: N/A
Website: https://extrasjar.com/

Current Investors: Sydney Angels (https://www.artesianinvest.com), Artesian (https://www.artesianinvest.com) plus private investors.

Recent Milestone 🎉: Launching our first products, Health Extras and Pet Extras, launching our native app and being granted our own Australian Financial Services Licence,