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With access to 1000s of loans from 30+ lenders, Finspo helps you find a great loan.

Year founded : 2019
Founders: Angus Gilfillan (CEO & co-founder), Bill Armour (co-founder) & Josh Brougham (co-founder)
Location:  Located on Wurundjeri, Woi-wurrung Country (Abbotsford, Victoria). 
Size of Team: 40

Who is your ideal customer: A busy Australian looking to purchase or refinance their property.

Why would someone work for your company: Finspo is fiercely pro-consumer, prioritises fairness & hyper-transparency, is data-driven, and loves a little fun. They’re making home loans easier for Aussies through their team of experts and end-to-end digital experience.

Current Investors: Range of professional investors

Recent Milestone: In July 2022, Finspo announced that they’d secured $3m to accelerate growth and support the acquisition mortgage lending portfolio of Melbourne-based financial services group, Lanteri Partners.

Why the name: Finspo is a play on ‘financial inspiration’. Finspo empowers Australians to reach financial wins in property, banking and beyond.

Why did the business start? Finspo’s co-founders are ex-bankers, so they know the rules of the game and how to play smarter. They wanted to use their wealth of knowledge for good. So they started by creating the free Finspo app to help Aussies pay off their home loans faster, and have since built an end to end digital experience with experts on hand to help Aussies find ‘the one’ from over 30 lenders and 1000s of loans.