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With all the "winter" chat in winter - will we see the re-emergence of sub vertical of tech...or not?

A young digital native is sitting on a window sill, wearing glasses and earbuds. He has his legs crossed and is using a laptop computer that rests on his lap. The sun shines through the window behind him, illuminating his face with its warm light. In background the skyline of Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

Fintech is back. Or is it? Or did it ever disappear?

With all the "winter" chat in winter - will we see the re-emergence of sub vertical of tech...or not?

I'll let you decide but in the meantime here is another action packed newsletter

Let's get to it.

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  • The latest data from Commonwealth Bank shows more than 8.5 million customers are now regularly using the CommBank app. Over the past decade, customer engagement with the app has increased significantly with the average customer now logging in more than 42 times per month, up from around 15 times a month in 2014.

  • Brighte announced a $195m green debt raise as well as announcing a partnership Cogo. By combining Brighte’s sustainable equipment retailer and installer marketplace with Cogo’s Home Energy savings tool, they aim to empower banks, energy retailers, governments, and other organisations to streamline sustainable home and business upgrades.

  • NAB Ventures announced their investment in to Zodia Custody - they offer cybersecurity and bank grade compliance for the custody, exchange and staking of digital assets.

  • OtherPay has launched a CSF on Birchal - the company aims to help solve purchase and identity fraud.

  • Jeroen van Son announced the launch of Sphere - using digital payments to inform customers of their carbon footprint.

  • litecard announced a strategic partnership with DotApparel - This allows Apparel21 integration for fashion and retail combining Litecards's mobile wallet capabilities.

  • Identitii announced the launch of the new "Trust Centre" - a one stop shop in to security practices, compliance, data and incident management.

  • Fintech Australia held their CDR Summit yesterday with input from a number of companies including WeMoney . The Women in Open Banking ANZ was also held supported by Mastercard Open Banking . They also released their latest version of the Australian Open Banking Ecosystem Map and Report.

  • Upworth has launched a free-to-use Savings Account Scanner for everyone - customers can be alerted of a better available savings account rate and monitor bonus rates amongst other features.

  • ASX listed One Click Group (ASX:1CG) has announced they are seeing strong demand for tax lodgements through One Click Life fintech platform. They provide Next Day Refund advances up to $1,000 to approved customers ahead of an ATO tax refund.

  • Wavie was featured on Channel 9 news - they showed how a person created her property listing with the help of AI to ultimately save agent commissions.

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