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Light of a Ferrari 458 in the streets of London.Picture taken for FindByPlate – https://findbyplate.com/

Company Description:

KOBA works by connecting your car’s onboard computer to our app through what we call a KOBA Rider device, which counts the number of km you drive. 

Pay just a few cents for each km driven, and an upfront fixed cost that covers your car when it’s parked for things like theft, hail, fire, or 3rd party damage.

Year founded : 2020
Founder/CEO: Andrew Wong (Pictured)
Location:  Melbourne HQ, but remote. We have people in SG, Philippines, Germany, USA, Sydney,
Size of Team: 11
Website: www.kobainsurance.com.au

Current Investors: insurtech gateway, hunter equity group, and 15+ founders of various successful startups.

Recent Milestone: Launched Australias first and only car sharing insurance policy in partnership with Uber/Car Next Door.