FLK it over Secures $2.5 Million to Revolutionize Real Estate Transactions

Founded by Andrew Colagiuri, the company specializes in e-signature solutions for the real estate industry, aiming to simplify paperwork processes for real estate professionals.

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FLK it over Secures $2.5 Million to Revolutionize Real Estate Transactions

In a move towards transforming the real estate industry, FLK it over, a Australian Proptech startup, has successfully completed a $2.5 million capital raise.

Founded by real estate innovator Andrew Colagiuri, the company is set to expand its revolutionary e-signature solutions beyond the real estate sector, targeting legal practices, financial advice organizations, and accounting firms.

FLK it over's platform is designed to simplify the tenant signing process, making it smarter, simpler, and seamless for real estate professionals. By addressing the unique challenges faced by real estate agents, the platform offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integrations with leading CRMs, significantly reducing the time spent on paperwork.

Andrew Colagiuri, Founder of FLK it over, expressed his enthusiasm for the future, stating, "We have an incredibly exciting 18 months ahead of us, as we continue to drive innovation in the real estate sector and provide a document builder and signing solution for sectors outside real estate." This sentiment underscores the company's commitment to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of real estate professionals and other business sectors through innovative solutions.

The successful capital raise is a testament to the platform's potential to become an essential tool for agents, as highlighted by investor David Southon, founder of Charter Hall. Southon, who is investing in FLK it over for the second time, praised the platform's seamless, digital approach to managing residential lease documents, recognizing its power to assist in the emerging Build to Rent sector in Australia.

With over 700 real estate agencies and 4500 property managers as clients, FLK it over is demonstrating significant traction. The platform processes more than 30,000 documents monthly, with 16,000 of those being residential leases. This growth is not only a reflection of the platform's effectiveness but also its potential to revolutionize administrative processes in real estate and beyond.

As FLK it over continues to innovate and expand its geographical footprint, the real estate industry and related sectors can look forward to more efficient and streamlined processes.