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FrontYa Snapshot


Year founded : 2021
Founder/CEO: Nir Golan, CEO and Co-Founder; Robbie Baskin, Chief Risk Officer and Co-Founder
Location: Sydney 
Size of Team: 10


Who is your ideal customer:

FrontYa is an innovative ‘deposit booster’ shared equity product for quality Australian homebuyers with great and growing serviceability to access properties sooner, doubling their purchasing funds (deposit and stamp duty) in exchange for a 25% share in a property’s future increase in value over a typical six-year term.


Why would someone work for your company: We’re creating a company with a mission to make home ownership a possibility for every working Australian. Our organisation is built on strong values with a focus on acting in a responsible manner for the best interests of our customers, partners and shareholders. We have a commitment to giving back to our communities and while delivering on our mission. 


Current Investors: 

FrontYa’s initial pre-seed funding round attracted a number of investors including Rob Lederer, of Lederer Group and ex-CVC executive chairman Brett Sutton


Recent Milestone: In June 2022, FrontYa deployed capital for its first homebuyers, the Hamdan’s. The company has since invested in another five properties and has more than 20 customers approved and on the property hunt. 


Why the name: We’re an international company with quintessentially Australian roots. We want to Front you to access the property market sooner, in a more secure way.


Why did the business start?: When we returned to Australia from the US, we noticed the significant deposit challenge for first homebuyers amidst the property market. Looking for the security of a bricks and mortar investment, more than 1m households in Australia are locked out of the property market due to this gap and are facing competition for properties from downsizers, investors and those with familial savings. FrontYa is helping to close the deposit gap through shared equity investment, powered by data, analytics and financial investment experience. 

We empower aspirational Australians to access the market sooner, in a property they own outright from day one.