Sydney based Futurerent, has raised $9m in Series A funding ✅

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The company has grown their book over 10x in the last year and allows property investors to obtain their rent in advance.

Commenting on a Linkedin Post - Founder and CEO Godfrey Dinh said

"I'm very excited to announce Futurerent's $9m Series A led by our friends at OIF Ventures, Jerry Stesel, Isabella Rich, Laurence Schwartz, Geoff Levy AO and David Shein. While this is just the beginning, I'd love to share our story and thank a few people who have gotten us here.  

It's been over 3 years since I pitched OIF Ventures a simple idea that at that stage was just a powerpoint - what if property investors could get their rent in advance? We searched far and wide and couldn't find anyone in the world offering this service, so we needed to start from scratch to find product-market-fit. OIF Ventures has been there for us from the start of this incredible journey. 

In the last year we've grown our book over 10x with support from Daniel Steen and Travis Miller, CFA, CAIA from iPartners who were our first institutional lender and have now also come onboard as an equity investor.

I'd love to welcome Markus Kahlbetzer from BridgeLane Group and Greg Shaw, Marc Lee and Seng Huang Lee of Mulpha International as new investors and thank Second Century Ventures, Global Investors Pty Ltd, MFO Investments Pty Ltd and Jonathan Lui, for their ongoing support and advice!

Finally, I wouldn't be writing this post without our clients, team, friends, family and investors. Thank you, Kewal Wadibhasme, Lawrence Nathan, Greg Shandler, Will Smeallie and Daniel Portelli as seed stage members of the team, our leadership group Joshua Bolot, Jerry Stesel and all other the incredible mentors, investors and advisors who have helped us get to this stage."