Global Talent, Local Vibes: The Outposter Journey

Ben Pullen is the founder and CEO of Outposter, a managed outsourced agency providing recruitment services and management of offshore staff for businesses globally, primarily operating from Australia.

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Over the last five years, through a connection with mutual friend Jordan Grives, I've had the chance to observe Ben Pullen's entrepreneurial journey with Outposter. This venture stands as a response to the challenges businesses face with offshore staffing, a subject I've become increasingly familiar with due to my background in the tech and finance sectors.

Outposter emerged on the scene following Ben's departures from previous business ventures, including the sale of Vaya Mobile to Amaysim and Startel to TruPhone.

Utilizing his experience with managing offshore offices in Manila, Ben identified a niche for Outposter: offering a managed service solution for businesses struggling with the complexities of offshore employment, such as navigating time zones, cultural differences, skill sets, and resource allocation.

The core of Outposter's approach is its managed service model. Rather than acting as a mere intermediary, Outposter hires staff in India and the Philippines directly, handling all HR and legal responsibilities. This setup ensures clients can directly interact with their offshore teams while Outposter manages the operational and support aspects. It's a practical solution designed to make offshoring less of a hassle for businesses.

Outposter's services cater to a wide array of industries, including but not limited to finance, software development, telecommunications, graphic design, and engineering. This breadth of service indicates the growing need for diverse offshore staffing solutions across different sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its push towards remote work, highlighted the advantages of Outposter's operational model. The company, already 100% remote in the Philippines, invested further in software and hardware to maintain security and productivity. Despite the distance, efforts to cultivate a sense of community among staff through regular virtual gatherings and workshops have been a priority.

Outposter advocates for the early integration of offshore teams into business operations to avoid potential disruptions and ensure a smoother transition for all parties involved. Their clientele ranges from startups aiming to stretch their investments further to established businesses seeking to fill skill gaps or add flexibility to their operations.

Behind Outposter's functionality is proprietary software that streamlines the recruitment and management of offshore staff, reflecting a commitment to operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Ben Pullen suggests focusing on three critical business metrics for decision-making, underscoring the importance of strategic planning and growth. 

From my perspective, watching Outposter's evolution has been a lesson in how offshore staffing challenges can be tackled through a managed service model. Ben's approach with Outposter offers a practical framework for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of global staffing.

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AI Summary

  • Ben Pullen is the founder and CEO of Outposter, a managed outsourced agency providing recruitment services and management of offshore staff for businesses globally, primarily operating from Australia.

  • Outposter began after Ben's exits from previous ventures, including Vaya Mobile to Amaysim and Startel to TruPhone, leveraging his experience with offshore offices in Manila for back office and customer support.

  • The company differentiates itself by offering a managed service, addressing the challenges businesses face in managing offshore staff, including time, skills, resources, and understanding of local culture.

  • Outposter directly employs staff in India and the Philippines, handling HR, legal aspects, and ensuring clients have direct access to their offshore staff while managing day-to-day operations and support.

  • The company services a wide range of roles across various industries, including finance, telecoms, graphic design, marketing, mortgage brokering, civil engineering, and mechanical drafting.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards remote work have played into Outposter's hands, with the company operating 100% remotely in the Philippines and focusing on software and hardware investments for security and productivity.

  • Outposter emphasizes community among its remote staff by organizing regular gatherings and workshops, despite the geographical dispersion due to the pandemic.

  • The company advocates for early adoption of offshore hiring to integrate it smoothly into business processes and avoid disruption or resentment among existing employees.

  • Outposter's clientele includes startups looking to maximize investment value, businesses facing skill shortages, and those needing operational flexibility and support, including 24/7 service capabilities.

  • The company has developed proprietary software to streamline recruitment and management processes, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Ben Pullen advises entrepreneurs to focus on three key metrics for business health and decision-making, emphasizing the importance of aligning actions with these indicators for direction and growth.