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Hello Clever is Australia's first company to utilise the new payment platform & introducing the next generation of rewards. The all new buy to earn payment.

Year founded : 2021
Founder/CEO: Caroline Tran
Location: Sydney, Australia
Size of Team: 17
Website: https://helloclever.co/

Who is your ideal customer: e-commerce merchants and consumers

Why would someone work for your company: We're a fast growing fintech startup with flexible working style & build products at lightening speed.

Current Investors: Vectr Ventures, Yolo Investments, CrossFund & Boson Ventures.

Recent Milestone: Facilitate first PayTo transaction in the country with RBA and Azupay.

Why the name: Simple, everyone should be 'clever' with their money.

Why did the business start ? : Solving our own problems being a millennial to be clever with money from spend, shop, earn and track.