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The Instant Checkout solution is designed to be the quickest and painless way to purchase anywhere online, anytime.

Year founded : 2021
Co-founders: Liam Millward (CEO), William Gao (CTO)
Location: Sydney
Size of Team: 8

Who is your ideal customer: Any e-commerce merchant.

Why would someone work for Instant: Instant’s team is incredibly hardworking. We learn quickly and move at speed to achieve great things, which people love being a part of. From a product perspective, people love being apart of something that is changing an industry so commonly known by all. We’re bringing simplicity to people’s lives in todays busy world by simplifying the way they shop and transact online. That’s an exciting mission!

Current Investors: VC investors — Blackbird, TEN13, Reinventure,
Larry Diamond (Founder of Zip), Justin Mateen (Founder of Tinder), Accel Ventures scout fund

Why the name: Instant made sense. We’re all about making things simpler — starting with checkout. Hence, our first product to market is known as Instant Checkout.

Why did you start the business?: To solve a problem myself and Will as founders personally had! We had been drop-shipping products through an e-commerce store, and saw a huge drop-off in people purchasing at the point they needed to fulfil their personal information. We wanted to solve it.