Judo 2022 Investor Day

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Key points

  • Judo is on-track to achieve or exceed all its prospectus FY22 metrics

  • Judo remains confident in achieving the key business metrics at-scale

  • Judo has significant positive leverage to rising interest rates

  • Current funding markets are highly favourable

  • The company’s unique model creates sustainable competitive advantages

  • Judo’s risk management framework will deliver superior outcomes

  • Judo’s CEO and Co-Founder, Joseph Healy, said he welcomed the opportunity to bring Judo’s unique customer value proposition to life for the investment community.

“We believe specialists beat generalists every time. Judo is a specialist SME bank which operates with risk management at its core.

“Our relationship-led approach to lending positions us well to outperform in periods of economic uncertainty, as we have proven throughout the pandemic. All we think and talk about are SMEs and we assess each of our customer’s circumstances individually, beginning with their character.

We believe this sets us apart from our peers and gives us an advantage in assessing the merits of every transaction.” Mr Healy said.

After listing on the ASX in November 2021, Judo Bank remains on track to achieve and in some areas, exceed, its prospectus forecast targets for FY22.

“Judo Bank is a young business with strong growth ambitions. Our year-to-date performance shows we have strong momentum. We continue to drive strong lending growth and remain confident of achieving our prospectus forecast for GLA of $6.0 billion by 30 June 2022. Our relationship-based value proposition is clearly resonating with customers.”

“Along with our lending growth, our team at Judo is also growing as we continue to attract talented bankers who want to be part of Judo as we scale towards becoming a world class SME business bank. We now have 110 relationship bankers, well ahead of our prospectus forecast for 98 bankers at 30 June 2022.” Mr Healy said.