Company Profile : Klean

Company description on Sub11

Queues at the supermarket due to the precautions to fight Covid-19

Year founded : 2022

Founder/CEO: Shan Vahora -

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Size of Team: 5

Who is your ideal customer: ESG focused Retailer or Ecommerce company

Why would someone work for your company: High growth High impact startup that is revolutionising the fast moving world of retail

Current Investors: Angel syndicate from Brisbane

Recent Milestone: Reached 10 customers 

Why the name: We want to "klean" the entire retail industry of Carbon 

Why did the business start ? : The retail and e-commerce industry has an outsized impact on decarbonization because it's customer-facing. Only with customers demanding sustainable products and rewarding sustainable companies will we truly usher in the era of decarbonization and sustainability in the world. That's why we are focused on e-commerce and providing in-depth solutions for one industry which can provide an outsized impact.