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Koinly is a crypto tax calculator and portfolio tracker that caters to investors and traders at all levels. Whether it’s Crypto, DeFi or NFTs, Koinly helps you save valuable time by reconciling all your crypto holdings in one place and generates an ATO-compliant tax report in under 20 minutes. 

Koinly also offers a free plan that allows crypto investors to import and track up to 10,000 transactions across over 700+ integrations with the largest exchanges, wallets and blockchains.

Year founded : 2018
Co-founders: Robin Singh
Location: Sydney, London, Toronto
Size of Team: 33 in our Australian team, over 120 worldwide
Website: www.koinly.io

Who is your ideal customer: Over 1 million Australians now hold cryptocurrencies and are looking for ways to connect their dozens of wallets, exchange accounts and blockchains all in one place. Koinly is the perfect solution, streamlining crypto portfolio tracking and completing your crypto taxes.

We also support accountants, who are increasingly feeling the need to offer crypto-related tax solutions. Koinly has an Accountant Platform that is designed to help accountants assist their clients with personalised tax reports compliant with their local tax office.

Why would someone work for your company: Our offices around the globe offer hybrid working arrangements for our 120+ employees.

We’re always searching for motivated individuals who share our passion for the crypto space and want to work within a fast-paced team. Koinly was just awarded a Great Place to Work Certification in Australia.

Recent Milestone: Koinly launched NFT integrations in early 2022, which made it immeasurably easier for crypto investors who had bought, sold and swapped NFTs during the recent bull market.

In August, we added support for Solana NFTs and ERC-1155 NFTs and tokens, supporting and providing our users with accurate tracking - particularly as there are a number of taxable events that can occur with NFT trading.

Why did the business start? Faced with the challenge of dealing with his own crypto taxes, our CEO and founder, Robin, discovered a frustrating gap in the market. 

While early crypto investors had access to various tax apps and tools, none were able to do the job completely, requiring a patchwork of spreadsheets and calculators to calculate their taxes. 

Those calculations took an enormous amount of time and were difficult to maintain. Hence, Robin drew on his background in finance and programming to write the original code base that is now Koinly today.