Leadership Transition at Judo Bank

Joseph Healy, co-founder and CEO of Judo Bank will step down on 18 March 2024.

  1. Leadership Transition at Judo Bank: Joseph Healy, co-founder and CEO of Judo Bank, Australia's prominent challenger bank, will step down on 18 March 2024. Chris Bayliss, the current Deputy CEO and Chief Relationship Officer, is set to succeed Healy as CEO and Managing Director on 19 March 2024. Healy will continue as an advisor until 28 June 2024 to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Chris Bayliss' Background and Alignment with Judo Bank's Mission: Chris Bayliss, with a 40-year tenure in business and retail banking across various senior roles internationally, is recognized for his deep commitment to Judo Bank's vision. His experience includes key positions at notable banking institutions, highlighting his expertise in relationship banking and leadership, aiming to propel Judo Bank's growth in serving SMEs in Australia.

  3. Judo Bank's Growth and Market Impact: Under Joseph Healy's leadership since its inception, Judo Bank has significantly influenced the Australian banking sector, especially for SMEs. Healy's vision and execution have led Judo to become the first bank to list on the ASX in three decades, reaching profitability in just three years, a record in global banking for a start-up.

  4. Vision for Future Growth: Chris Bayliss' appointment as CEO is part of a strategic move to leverage his extensive banking experience and leadership qualities to drive Judo Bank through its next growth phase. Bayliss aims to enhance Judo Bank's role in supporting over 4,000 SME customers with nearly $10 billion in lending, maintaining its position as a leader in the SME banking sector.

  5. Acknowledgements and Commendations: Both outgoing CEO Joseph Healy and Judo Bank Chairman Peter Hodgson praised Bayliss for his contributions and suitability for leading Judo Bank forward. Healy's tenure is celebrated for its groundbreaking achievements in SME banking, setting a solid foundation for Bayliss to build upon.

This announcement is a summary of the company approved ASX announcement on 20/2/2024 and is based on facts.