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Year founded : 2016

Founder/CEO: Conrad Song

Location: Sydney & Brisbane

Size of Team: 35 staff

Who is your ideal customer: Everyday investors who want the services of that HNW’s receive.

Why would someone work for your company: We’re fixing the problem in the advice game, without losing the main values that made it work in the first place; Trust, Performance, Support. The recent developments of pretty apps and discount pricing isn’t what serious investors want, and we’re on a mission to be household names in the advice industry. 

Current Investors: Raised approx. $5m in seed rounds.

Recent Milestone: Launch of the Maqro Retail Product, $100M in FUM (within the wealth division), recent launch of second offices in Brisbane

Why the name: Maqro – We wanted the right balance between traditional and new finance. Maqro represents our broad vision, and although we pay homage to traditional finance with the word Macro, the “q” lets people know we’re still for the future.

Why did the business start ? : I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. The second I saw an opportunity to fix a real problem (that I had learnt from my short experience in the industry), I jumped at it like nothing else mattered. It started as a very personal journey for me, create something by fixing a problem, but over time, its grown to something much bigger. My team, shareholders, clients, they’ve made it into a real purpose… cringe, but true haha.