Minimis Secures Global Angels for World 1st Standalone Smart Athletic Sunglasses

Sydney-based startup Minimis Technologies secures angel investors for its AR sunglasses, merging phone, running watch, and bike computer functionalities.

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Revolutionizing Athletic Wearables: Minimis Unveils the First Standalone Smart Sunglasses

In an era where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our lives, Sydney-based startup Minimis Technologies is setting a new benchmark with the introduction of the world's first standalone smart athletic sunglasses. Founded by Joseph Guo, Minimis has recently secured a significant investment from several angel investors, propelling the company into its final R&D sprint before manufacturing begins.

The Minimis Glass, a patent-pending innovation, combines the functionalities of a phone, running watch, and bike computer into a single wearable device. Featuring an integrated high-resolution heads-up display, it provides real-time performance and navigation data directly to the wearer, eliminating the need for secondary devices. This breakthrough promises to enhance personal efficiency, focus, and well-being by offering direct access to crucial information without the distraction of pulling out a device.

Among the notable investors is Dan Copsey, a serial marketing agency CEO, who brings his expertise as the Board Marketing Advisor. Copsey, an avid cyclist, praises the AR HUD sunglasses for representing a leap forward in wearable technology. Another key investor, Pierre-Louis Vouteau, a seasoned distribution executive, serves as the Board Distribution Advisor, highlighting the potential of these glasses to revolutionize the interaction between technology and physical activity.

Minimis' journey from a bootstrapped startup to securing angel investment underscores the growing interest in innovative wearable technology. With plans to commence mass manufacturing by the end of the year, Minimis is poised to redefine how athletes and outdoor enthusiasts interact with technology, promising a future where technology supports rather than detracts from our well-being and physical activities.