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Moonoova words make money move

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Year founded : 2017
Founders: Christian Westerlind Wigstrom (Co-Founder and CEO), and Hugh Evans (Founder)
Location: Sydney
Size of Team: 80

Who is your ideal customer: A tech-enabled platform (e.g. investment platforms, lenders, utilities) with complex payment flows that need automating for the benefit of both their customers and their own treasury teams.

Why would someone work for your company: Digital payments are strangely exciting. At Monoova, we are the forefront of an industry which in itself is a phase of rapid evolution. Working at Monoova means working on some of the most advanced solutions available in our field. And the colleagues and clients you are working with are second to none.

Current Investors: A mixture of institutional investors such as Colinton Capital, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

Recent Milestone: Going live with a whole new set of payments solutions called ‘PayTo’! We made it public on the 26th of August.

Why the name: It’s a combination of ‘money mover’ and manoeuvre (as in ‘room for manoeuvre’), and it sounds fintech.

Why did the business start?  Consumers are expecting increasingly smooth payments experiences. We all want seamless, invisible payments that don’t detract from the experience of the good or service we actually are buying. For most businesses, this is an impossible expectation to live up to. Payments are complex from both a technology and a regulation perspective. Monoova is here to free businesses to scale by making the all-important payments problem something they don’t need to worry about. Outside of card payments, the digital payment space is its infancy and, in Australia, Monoova was there from the start.