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MyGigsters is a financial services platform for gig workers, focused on the community.

Year founded :  2021
Founders/CEO: Benjemen Elengovan
Location: Melbourne
Size of Team: 7

Who is your ideal customer ?: Gig economy workers working on digital platforms

Why would someone work for your company ?: We are working on an impactful mission to help financially secure the rapidly working gig workers across the globe. Our culture is people-first, purpose-driven with flexible hybrid work.

Current Investors : LaunchVic, Startmate, ANTLER, Angel Investors

Recent Milestone: Crossed 2.5K users on the platform, Reached 5 figure revenue and negotiated over 12 partnerships with gig platforms, services, regulators and workers union.

Why the name ?: MyGigsters - A community for Gigsters (individual working in the gig economy)

Why did the business start?: First hand experience of working as a gig workers (in rideshare, delivery and task-based work).