Novatti AGM - Q&A

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Q: What is Novatti Group Limited's mission?

A: Novatti's mission is to enable businesses to pay and be paid from any device, anywhere, catering to a range of clients from corner stores to global organizations.

Q: What was Novatti Group's revenue for FY23? A: Novatti Group reported a revenue of $39 million in FY23.

Q: How much did Novatti Group's revenue grow in FY23? A: The revenue growth rate for Novatti Group in FY23 was 20%.

Q: What was the underlying EBITDA for Novatti Group in FY23?

A: The underlying EBITDA for FY23 was -$14.5 million.

Q: How much cash did Novatti Group have at the end of Q1 FY24?

A: Novatti Group had $14.7 million in cash at the end of Q1 FY24.

Q: What are Novatti Group's primary business sectors?

A: Novatti operates in sectors including digital wallets, fintech, payments, billing, and more.

Q: Who is the new CEO of Novatti Group as of FY24? A: Mark Healy is the CEO of Novatti Group as of FY24, bringing experience from senior roles in various payments and software companies.

Q: What strategic shift did Novatti Group make in FY24?

A: In FY24, Novatti Group pivoted from a diversified portfolio of independent businesses to a streamlined Payment Solutions company.

Q: What was the growth strategy for Payments AU/NZ in Novatti Group?

A: Novatti Group focused on strong demand in the core AU/NZ payments market, aiming for revenue growth and margin expansion.

Q: What is the forward strategy for Novatti Group?

A: Novatti Group's path forward includes completing a strategic review, streamlining the portfolio around payments, improving marketing, cross-selling, product integration, margin improvement, cost control, and targeting operating cash flow positivity by mid-2024.

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