One Click Group - Q&A

Based on the ASX announcement November 9, 2023

  1. Q: What new products have One Click Group recently launched? A: One Click Group has launched two new products: One Click Personal Loans and One Click Car Loans.

  2. Q: How do these new products fit into One Click Group's existing portfolio? A: These new loan products complement One Click Group's existing suite, which includes One Click Tax, Mortgages, Wills, Insurance, and the One Click Verify platform.

  3. Q: What is the size of One Click Group's current registered user base? A: One Click Group's registered user base has grown to over 115,000 users and continues to expand.

  4. Q: How does One Click Group earn revenue from these new loan products? A: The company earns an up-front brokerage/establishment fee for each loan it generates, with the loans being funded by a third-party institution, thus posing no credit risk to One Click Group.

  5. Q: What growth has One Click Group experienced in its revenue? A: The company's revenue has increased by 160% to $3.5 million in the 9 months leading up to 30 September of this year compared to the prior period.

  6. Q: What approach is One Click Group using to market these new products? A: The new loan products are being marketed to One Click Group's existing registered user base, which allows for significant revenue growth with only minor incremental marketing expenditure.

  7. Q: How does One Click Group evaluate loan applications? A: Loan applications are assessed by finance brokers against the financial information known about the customer, derived from their relationship as the customer's tax agent.

  8. Q: What is the expected impact of these new products on the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)? A: The introduction of One Click Personal Loans and One Click Car Loans is expected to contribute to the growth of ARPU on the One Click Life platform, which has already increased to $32 per user.

  9. Q: What is One Click Group's strategy for future product development? A: The company plans to continue building out the ecosystem of products on the One Click Life platform, focusing on automation and self-directed financial management tools for customers.

  10. Q: How does One Click Group plan to enhance customer engagement with its financial services? A: One Click Group intends to automate many of its products and provide options for customers to self-direct their financial lives or seek advice as needed, potentially including services from tax specialists, finance brokers, and in the future, financial planners.

This Q&A has been curated by Sub11 based on the ASX announcement.