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Sub11 Podcast with CEO and Founder Adam Brimo

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About Open Learning

  • Open Learning is a lifelong learning platform that enables education providers to build, deliver, market, and sell their courses online globally.

  • Founded in 2012 with the mission to increase access to higher-quality education.

  • Currently has 3.5 million learners, 250 education providers, and partners with top universities in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Adapting to COVID

  • COVID did not significantly accelerate online learning as expected due to the time and expertise needed to design effective online courses.

  • Most institutions opted for a quick fix by replicating face-to-face classes on video conferencing platforms.

  • However, the pandemic heightened awareness of the potential of online learning, especially for lifelong learning programs.

Partnerships and Relationships

  • Open Learning works with over 250 education providers, including universities, TAFEs, and private institutions.

  • They provide an end-to-end platform that integrates course building, delivery, student management, payments, and e-commerce.

  • Institutions can rapidly move their lifelong learning programs online without the need for complex systems integration.

Lifelong Learning Trends

  • Consumers are increasingly interested in professional and lifelong learning through short courses and micro-credentials for upskilling and job outcomes.

  • These courses are typically shorter in duration (4-12 weeks) and focused on specific skills like data analytics, AI, or digital marketing.

AI Integration

  • Open Learning has leveraged GPT-4 to develop AI tools that assist educators in building and designing courses, reducing time and costs by 80-90%.

  • The AI course builder allows educators to select learning styles, generate course structures, content, activities, and assessments, with the educator acting as an editor.

  • AI enhancements are expected to drive adoption of the platform and accelerate growth.

Acquisitions and Growth Plans

  • Open Learning acquired an education marketplace business to enhance course discovery and marketing for their partners.

  • The company is focused on profitability and growing software-as-a-service revenue, with AI playing a key role in driving adoption and efficiency.

  • Long-term plans include expanding into employability, connecting learners to employment opportunities, and closing the loop on the discovery-learning-employability cycle.


  • CEO Adam Brimo is excited about the impact Open Learning is having on education quality and the opportunities presented by AI for enhancing the educational experience and driving growth.

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