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More time to pay with Openpay. Spread the cost with easy instalments, & no interest. Buy now, pay smarter across home, auto, health & retail.

Openpay Snapshot

Year founded: 2013
Founders: Meydan Group
Current CEO: Dion Appel
Location: Melbourne / Australia
Size of Team: 150


Who is your ideal customer: We have two customer groups, merchants who offer Openpay at the checkout and customers who choose to pay with Openpay. Merchants span industry sectors inclusing: automotive, healthcare, home improvements, retail and education. Customers tend to be finance savvy, typically using Openpay as a cashflow management tool.


Why would someone work for your company: At Openpay we aim to be an Employer of Choice where our team members strive to do their best everyday. We have a strong focus on team culture, wellbeing and like use our business as a force to do good with many partnerships within our community to help in many ways such as volunteering, donations as well awareness. We also have a hybrid working environment where our team can choose when and where they work.


Current Investors: Meydan Group, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, Alteris Financial Group, Swift Hunter, Colourdome


Recent Milestone:

January 2022 - Simplified business putting it on a clear path to profitability

April 2022 - Awarded third in AFR Best Places to Work (Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services)

June 2022 - Record B2C TTV of $344 million and Revenue of $26.3 million in FY22

August 2022 - Successfully completed Private Placement ($18.25m) and Share Purchase Plan ($5.86m)

August 2022 – Awarded a Canstar for delivering Outstanding Value for customers


Why the name: The name Openpay is reflection of our ways of working – our plans, our communications both internally and externally are open and transparent, empowering customers to better manage their lifestyles.


Why did the business start: Our mission is to ‘change the way people pay, for the better’.  Making a meaningful difference to merchants and the lives of our customers across all our target verticals and industry sectors.