Thinking about hiring offshore?

If you're dealing with the high costs and challenges of hiring local talent, you might want to consider Outposter.

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If you're dealing with the high costs and challenges of hiring local talent, you might want to consider Outposter.

As someone who has seen their operations first hand, I can attest to the significant savings they offer on staffing.

Outposter collaborates with clients in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, providing access to a broad pool of skilled professionals in the Philippines.

Whether it's animation, engineering, book keeping or any task that can be done remotely, Outposter can find the right person for the job. During my visit, I saw the diverse range of talents they manage and how effectively they match clients with the right professionals.

Starting with Outposter is straightforward. If they have available staff within their organisation, you can get started the same day. If not, it usually takes just a week to customise your process or campaign and find a suitable professional. This efficiency was evident during my time there, seeing how quickly they respond to client needs.

Outposter takes data security and privacy very seriously, boasting a 15-year track record in the region with zero data breaches. Every staff member handling sensitive information uses Teramind, a security tracking software that reports any potential policy violations to Outposter's full-time data security team.

Witnessing their commitment to security first hand gave me great confidence in their processes.The recruitment process is efficient and stress-free. Outposter's in-house team searches their existing networks for potential candidates, conducts three separate interviews, and presents you with the best fit – all at no additional cost to you. I saw how diligently they work to ensure clients get the best possible match.

If you're looking to enhance your business with cost-effective, high-quality outsourcing, Outposter could be the solution. From my visit, I saw the real benefits of outsourcing and the positive impact it can have on productivity and profitability.

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Disclaimer: Sub11 is commercially working with Outposter and was recently in Manila as a guest of the company. The above views are my own and were not created or modified by Outposter.