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Earn reward points on all your business payments from ATO bills, payroll to supplier payments.

Year founded: 2020 
Founder/CEO: Damien Waller, Edward Alder (CEO)
Location: Elsternwick, Victoria, Melbourne 
Size of Team: 35 

What is is a B2B payments platform that enables Australian business owners to earn rewards on payments they traditionally couldn’t. You can choose to earn our flexible PayRewards points on any bank or credit card payment, maximising your points when using a rewards based credit card. 
Pay your suppliers, staff, ATO bills and more with our seamless and secure platform, suited for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

Who is your ideal customer:
Australian business owners of any shape and size that would like to earn rewards from any business payment, SMEs inparticular. You love luxury, travelling, incentivising your staff, and being rewarded for the hard work you put into your business.  

Why would someone work for your company: is an emerging fintech start-up that is changing the face of how businesses earn rewards points. We offer an inclusive workplace environment that offers flexible work arrangements, development opportunities and more. 

Current Investors: 
More than 50 (Of note, as featured in the recent AFR article, Gandel family, Adam Schwab and Bell Potter’s Hugh Robertson.

Recent Milestone:
$250M of payments processed through 

Why the name: 
As a payments platform for Australian businesses, we needed something that was recognisable and easy to follow. We’re exactly that. 

Why did the business start ? started from the belief that every business owner, big and small should be rewarded from paying their bills.  Serial entrepreneur, Damien Waller, realised businesses had something that most individuals do not, lots of expenses. This placed to uniquely define a product that would empower business owners to make those payments they traditionally couldn’t. Perhaps their suppliers didn’t accept credit card, or maybe they wanted to earn rewards from bank payments.  By using they’re now able to do exactly that, and earn rewards in the process.