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Simone Joyce , Co-founder of Paypa Plane and Chair of Fintech Australia

Company Description:

Paypa Plane is the bank-grade platform where traditional scheduled payments and payment initiation via NPPA's PayTo meet.

Why did you start the business? : Mainly because I really love the somewhat arcane nature of payments and felt there was so much potential to build better payment relationships over and above the basic rails. Smart Payment Agreements (TM) are about making sure everyone involved in a payment (bank, business, payer) is empowered to do the things they need to do - whether it's active management and or just transparency.

Year founded : 2017
Founders/CEO: Simone Joyce (CEO) & Jonathan Grant (COO)
Location:  Brisbane
Size of Team: 40

Current Investors: CBA, Tyro, some private

Recent Milestone 🎉: NPPA Connected Institution, onboarding CBA as shareholder and client