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Hnry automates taxes for sole traders, so they never have to think about tax again. Our team of expert accountants make your tax simple & easy, representing you to the ATO.

Year founded : 2017
Founder/CEO: Claire Fuller & James Fuller 
Location: Wellington, NZ and Sydney, Australia
Size of Team: ~65

Who is your ideal customer: Hnry focuses on the ~2m sole traders operating in Australia and New Zealand, taking away the hassle of tax and financial admin for them. We provide a pay-as-you-go all-in-one digital accounting service handling invoicing, expenses, payments, taxes, filings as well as providing expert on-demand support.

Why would someone work for your company: We're a fast growing Fintech simultaneously disrupting three different industries - payments, accounting software and traditional accounting with a custom built platform and service targeted at the ~2 million sole traders in Australia and New Zealand. If you're passionate about working for a fast growing Fintech challenging huge established industries, with global ambitions on a purpose driven mission of alleviating one of the greatest sources of stress for real people trying to make it as independent earners - then Hnry is the place for you!

Current Investors: Left Lane Capital, EVP, Icehouse Ventures, Angel HQ

Recent Milestone: Raised a $16m Series A round led by Left Lane Capital from New York in early 2022.

Why the name: We were looking for a name that personified the values of a service/friend who was equal parts approachable, reliable, trustworthy, intelligent and fun. We put these values to the test to a start up group in New Zealand and a few people suggested that they had friends called Henry who met these attributes. Once we'd settled on a name, we had to make it "start up cool" so we dropped the vowel - and we're now Hnry!

Why did the business start? Like a lot of successful tech companies, Hnry was started by James and Claire Fuller trying to solve their own problem of transitioning from salaried employment to contracting. Whilst the benefits of contracting are clear - greater work flexibility and higher earning potential, the key challenge is the increased financial administration associated with it. From the pain that James and Claire had to endure of fretting over spreadsheets, provisioning a large portion of their salary for tax, endless evenings and weekends working out how to do filings, to churning through various accountants giving them differing pieces of advice, Hnry was born - allowing contractors to do what they do best and leaving the burden of tax and financial admin to us.