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Year founded : 2016
Founder/CEO: 4 co-founders.  Ada Guan, Michael Coomer (Chairman), Gordon Campbell (Chief Product Officer), Charles Guan (Chief Technology Officer)
Location: Australia, Singapore and US
Size of Team: 60

Who is your ideal customer:  Banks, lenders and Fintechs.   RDC provides lenders deeper insight into borrower behaviour, enabling faster and more accurate decisions that empower confident lending to new and underserved Business and SME lending segments.

Current Investors: A round led by BMYG who is a private equity firm in Melbourne

Why would someone work for your company: Working with a world class team who shares the same passion and purpose of increasing global access to inclusive, fair and sustainable credit .

Recent Milestone:  Signed contracts with Westpac and BNZ.   Signed a partnership agreement with nCino who is the worldwide leader in cloud banking.

Why the name: We believe there is more data available than ever, rich data combine with AI will completely change how we live our life

Why did the business start ? :  To do interesting things with interesting people and to make a significant impact to the society and communities.