Send and Pexa Partnership

Payments and Property

Canadian Bills - $10, $20, $50, $100 

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In an innovative leap for the Australian property sector, Send Payments (Send) and PEXA—Australia's leading property exchange platform—have announced a new technological partnership that promises to revolutionize the way international currency exchange payments are processed in property transactions. This alliance is poised to simplify the payment experience for legal and conveyancing practitioners who handle property dealings on the PEXA Exchange platform.

The collaboration is a direct response to industry feedback calling for a more streamlined approach to foreign exchange transactions. By integrating Send's services within the PEXA platform, the partnership aims to eliminate the cumbersome and manual processes that have traditionally characterized the conveyancing and legal services sector. With Send's solution already facilitating smoother international currency exchanges for PEXA customers since mid-2022, the upcoming full integration, expected to complete within six months, represents a commitment to continued innovation.

PEXA's Chief Customer Officer, Les Vance, emphasized the benefits that the partnership would bring to their 10,000-strong practitioner customer base, highlighting the convenience and efficiency in disbursing funds to overseas accounts. This move signals a significant milestone, reflecting a shared vision for digital progress in property settlements.

Send's CEO, Paul Billing, also recognized the transformative potential of the partnership. The collaboration not only sets a new benchmark for payment innovation but also drives improvements in customer experiences during property settlements. With both companies at the helm, the fintech industry is set to witness a transformation that caters to the needs of forward-thinking businesses and their clients.

As digital transformation continues to reshape various industries, this partnership between Send and PEXA stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of the property sector. It underlines the crucial role of technology in enhancing business processes and customer satisfaction, paving the way for a future where digital solutions are integral to the success of property transactions on an international scale.