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Build unique financial experiences faster, smarter and with more confidence. Access an ecosystem of powerful financial services providing a range of embedded solution.

Year founded: Hay Group - Sept 2018 Shaype - Oct 2020
Founder/CEO: Andrew Laycock
Location: Australia, United Kingdom, Poland
Size of Team: 100

Who is your ideal customer: 1. Businesses needing to meet new customer payment expectations 2. Frustrated by inflexible technology vendors 3. Want a unified payments vendor ecosystem 4. Need: More control, flexibility, speed to market 5. Reduce risk and future proof financial innovation strategy.

Why would someone work for your company: Be part of a highly passionate and effective team that believe in walking the talk. Currently working with some of Australia's biggest brands both financial and non-financial. Global expansion in progress. Exciting new product solutions providing valuable change for our partners.

Current Investors: Regal Funds Management and family offices

Recent Milestone: Helped launch Kit/CBA to beta in 5 months. Raised $33m in series C

Why the name: Shaype talks directly to the focus on flexibility we provide, designed to shape valuable payments experience unique to every brand and their customers.

Why did the business start ? : Provide accessible and flexible financial tools to allow businesses and people to have more confidence in building value every day.